Hey YOU!


Do you ever feel anxious, tired, nervous, lethargic, impulsive, slow, foggy or depressed?


Do you ever feel isolated, lonely, disconnected, distracted or unmotivated?


Do you ever spend too much time looking outside of yourself (sweet treats, caffeine, sugary drinks, alcohol, internet videos, tv shows, shopping…) for a “pick-me-up” but end up feeling the same afterward- or worse? 


Do you ever want to go outside and “scream from the top of your lungs ‘What’s Going On?'”  –Four Non Blondes


If you answered “uh-huh”, “oh yeah”, “sometimes”, “definitely” or” hells yes” to any of those questions- I hear you, I see you, and I am here for you.


Family, friends, church groups, social clubs, pets, and life mates are important.  But what if there was something within you that you could access yourself to build creativityconnectionenergy and resilience?  Would you try it?BREATHE

Whatever your goals are- to build a stronger, leaner and more flexible bodyto process, lean into, and let go of emotions, or to quiet those voices in your head (we all have them); your yoga mat is the place to land, and I believe that my classes in particular, can help you awaken that vital energy.


I don’t just teach the poses because the poses are not the goal- they are the means to the end.  I don’t just encourage you to push through physical barriers. I don’t just show up and wing it.  I carefully craft each class with themes we can all relate to, that are emotionally inquiring, and mentally challenging to  help you dig into the muck of your own personal stuckness and clear a path towards your own inner light.

My she-shed (as I lovingly call it) located at 703 Fremont Street, Kiel, WI is a wide-open, clear-space that usually smells super good,and is warm and inviting. Everyone, including myself, shows up in our personal broken-ness, unsure of what we will face when we land on our mats, but hopeful that the hour to ourselves will inevitably mean rolling up the mat feeling better than when we started. While the practice is deeply personal, the sense of community is so supportive.

It is the practice that we come to- together -yet make our own, that over time and with consistency helps us live our yoga in our daily lives- more mindful, more peaceful, more connected- body, mind and soul.

Click on this link to go to a Youtube video of one of my favorite versions of “What’s Up?” by Playing for Change.

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