Tune in, Check in, Connect

With so much going on in the world, it is easy to want to check out, tune out, and disconnect.

In a variety of ways we can put the metaphorical pillow over our heads, blinders on our glasses, or crawl under a rock. We may drink alcohol, shop compulsively, gossip and complain, overeat, eat junk food, binge watch t.v., avoid people or more.

But if we dig-in to our mindful ways, and tune in, check in and connect within ourselves through healthy and positive practices: (walking, dancing, making or listening to music, writing, cooking, laughing, breathing, stretching, and working on our relationships-with ourselves and our loved ones) then I believe we CAN and ARE making the world a better place.

Without a doubt the world can be a chaotic and confusing place with seemingly endless evil ways. Sometimes it feels like we have no power, but the truth is, we give so much of our power away. Every time we make mindless decisions, we give up our power.

Pay attention to what you pay attention to. Let your thoughts and your words and your actions be mindful ones. We CAN live peacefully in the present moment among the chaos and confusion. We can be grounded, centered and focused on conscious living. Watch the butterfly land on the zinnia, listen to the hum of the cicadas, lie under a tree and gaze at it’s branches and leaves, sit under the stars and dream, and just be and just breathe.

What our small worlds and the big world doesn’t need is: more carelessness, more us-verses-them, more anger, more fear, more haste, more disconnect, more mindlessness. When we take the time to focus on the small me, in order to connect to the we, we are doing more than we can imagine to make a positive impact.

Prayers and intentions for the courage and the will power to follow our intuition and call upon our ancestors’ wisdom to help us stay on a path of goodness, love and light. Much love.

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