And just like that, the sky grew dark, the thunder rolled in and a downpour quickly turned to hail.  9/25/22

I had been out for a lovely Sunday afternoon walk, talking with my dear old friend from college, enjoying a fall afternoon, glowing in the connection over the phone when the storm blew in.

Moments before the storm, my husband was riding the mower, and our dog Hope, who cowers at the lawn mower, ran to Zack while he was driving and ran circles around him barking out a warning. Hope knew the storm was coming before we did. She went into warning mode, and then her fear made her run inside to hide. 

Zack and I stood soaked and dumbfounded at the rapid turn of events and change of plans.

This slice of my life story from hours ago has me thinking about intuition/going with our gut/ following our inner wisdom just like my dog Hope did.

 It also has me thinking about how quickly things can happen and change.  This story reminds me that nothing is permanent and everything changes, sometimes drastically and without warning, and while we can’t stop the changes, we CAN control how we respond.

Edith Eger, one of my favorite people to follow on the planet and author of the book, “The Choice”, wrote that when she was in Auschwitz and other horrific places enduring the worst cruelties of mankind, “The one thing they could never take from me was my mind and my thoughts”.  I remind myself of her story and these powerful words when I catch my thoughts sabotaging my happiness.

Practicing yoga and mindfulness on a daily basis reminds us to breathe deeply in each moment knowing circumstances, health, relationships, the weather, and everything, will change.  How we think about things is completely ON US. We can reclaim so much personal power by carefully observing and changing our thought patterns. 

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