SEL Strategies

We are emotional and spiritual beings.  It is essential that we exercise our emotional bodies just as we exercise our physical one through yoga, and as we do our mental body through meditation, journaling and prayer.  Learning how to live in harmony with and handle our emotions, begins with observing them, naming them, feeling them and then letting them flow through. Emotions that remain cause dis-ease in the body and mind.

As an educator, I have witnessed students who are struggling emotionally, and it affects their physical and mental health. Breathe for Change was an incredible 200 hour yoga and wellness certification that taught me how to teach SELs to students and to teachers.

I deliver staff development presentations. I work with teachers to help them take better care of themselves emotionally, physically and mentally through yoga, mindfulness meditations and breathing practices.  I also enjoy sharing with teachers how they can embed SELs, in a deliberate way, into their daily  lessons, so that students can learn and practice ways to cope with emotional and mental stress.

If I had to use one word to describe Meg’s yoga classes, it would be revitalizing. She sets a peaceful, tranquil tone from the minute class starts straight through Savasana. She encourages her students to try a variety of poses all while being kind to themselves and listening to their bodies. She is truly a caring individual who wants each and every one of us to be healthy both mentally and physically.

Terri Delvaux Hilbert Elementary Administrative Assistant

“Despite having real physical hardships of her own during the pandemic, Meg persevered through her own pain to bring emotional, physical, and psychological support to her fellow yogis.  She personally felt responsible for maintaining mindfulness through this dark and difficult time, encouraging her students to use her as a resource for calm, compassionate, and restorative healing.”

Amy Schneekloth Science Teacher HIlbert School District

I worked one-on-one with an eight year old boy with autism, for about an hour a week.  We meditated, (he was able to sit, silent and still, for two minutes at the beginning and end of our sessions). We rang the singing bowl, breathed with the Hoberman sphere, read books about emotions and mindfulness, wrote about our feelings, told stories, and of course, did yoga. He made gains in being patient, noticing when he was feeling a feeling, identifying the feeling, communicating about the feeling, could make better choices on how to respond to the feeling, and he built up his endurance and capability in poses. We enjoyed our time together.

“Knowing that she has over 20 years of experience in both educational teaching and yoga/meditation instruction, Meg was the perfect person to connect Orion with. We have seen him light up since beginning these sessions. His behavioral therapist mentioned he observed improvement in his communication with others as well. After the first couple of sessions, he was doing yoga poses at home that he and Meg named after The Avengers, his favorite superheroes. By the fifth or sixth session he was expressing his feelings toward her by simply saying “I love you, Meg.”  Meg always shows up with new ideas for him. She has skillfully and thoughtfully taught him how meditation can help him slow down and focus.  I couldn’t recommend her more for your children, both neurotypical and neurodiverse. “  -Kim  Mr. O’s mom

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